About Jeffrey Cameron

bio photo
Hello! My name is Jeffrey Cameron but I go by Jeff. Thank you for visiting this web site.

Technology has always been fascinating and something I wanted to center my career around. I started as a software designer for PCs in the late 80's which developed into website design and later Android app development. The need for better images for websites prompted me to pick up a camera and start creating my own images.
As digital photography hit the scene I upgraded my gear and discovered I loved many forms of photography. Landscapes amazed me. I would stand in awe for hours taking in the natural wonders around us in the Pacific Northwest. So I trained my eye and camera on amazing scenes and began to produce prints as wall art.
gods creation
Taking the amazing landscapes to the next level, I began teaming up the images with God's word. It made perfect sense to bring words of inspiration from the Creator to the images He made possible. Creating photographs people could display as wall art or in picture frames that had something more than just a image was rewarding. I felt that if one of these images could start a conversation about God, I was on the right track.
family photos
Taking family photos has always seemed like a chore and they all turned out the same. People standing in a picket line with fake smiles. So I began working with my family in different surroundings rather than in a studio environment. I found that taking in-the-moment photos had a tremendous impact on the photos. Capturing images from around a dinner table, playing in the park, or in a garden brought more feeling to the photos. So now the participates and I are not tethered to a studio. We are free to find fun destinations to capture family moments.
sports action
As my family got into Taekwondo, my interest in sports/action photography grew. As I quickly learned, low light action photos are challenging. Capturing a flying side kick mid-air or catching that board break at the right moment was going to take some practice. So after several years of shooting event after event, my sports/action skills grew to the point where amazing images began to appear. Not only do you need to have the right setup for your camera, you need to know where to be at what time to capture that a special moment.
night sky photos
My current adventures in photography have taken me to night time sky photography: the moon, star trails, and one of my favorite Milky Way images. This adventure is taking me to remote areas where the light from cities is minimal and you get crystal clear images. Being in the Pacific Northwest, the challenge is overcoming cloud cover - yep rain in the Winter months. Taking this to the next step, I'll soon be working on deep space photography to capture amazing Nebulae and try to capture stars being born.

So if you are looking for fun family portraits, images of a child's game, or landscape prints that will amaze those that come to your home, you have come to the right place. The home page on this site will direct you to your area of interest.