Wouldn't You Like To Be On Location Rather Than A Studio?

What do you think of when I say “Family Portraits”? Do you imagine dressing up in cloths you never wear and going to a studio where you stand in a line like a picket fence. Then put on a fake smile and snap.

If that is what you are looking for, I am not your photographer.

Rather than a being in a studio taking shots, I’d rather be on location. What does that mean? Well, I like to capture people doing things they like to do in the places they like to do them. This gives the photograph much more meaning.
mother and son
Here are a few of the sessions that really worked in the past:
  • A couple enjoying a glass of wine at their favorite winery
  • A child performing martial arts in the park
  • A family having a picnic in a woodland area
  • A child with his band instrument just after a concert
These types of images are heartwarming and sure beat the old standard family portrait.
portrait series
I offer two types of sessions: Petite Session and a Custom Session.

Petite Session

Time – 20-30 minute photo shoot
Location - One location
Images – About 40-50 images on a thumb drive
Prints – You have all the print rights
Price – $225-$275 depending on location

Custom Session

Time – 60-90 minute photo shoot
Location – 2-3 locations is a good maximum for a 90 minute shoot. You can even have a change of clothing for more variation.
Images – 75-100 images on a thumb drive
Prints – One 16×20 mounted print and you have all the print rights
Price – $500-$700 depending on location and time.

We can certainly customize this session to fit your needs.

Let’s start making some memorable family photos!

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